What’s the skull concept? An enjoyable sex-prediction concept

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Then you might be interested in the skull theory – a simple test that claims to tell if you’re having a boy or a girl from your 12-week scan photo if you’re dying to know the sex of your baby. Considered to be 92% accurate, do you want to decide to try the skull theory for your self?

Then you may have come across something called the skull theory in the Netmums forum or simply from other mums-to-be if you’re in your first trimester and just can’t wait a minute longer to know if you’re having a baby boy or a girl.

This alleged sex-prediction test claims to work out of the sex of one’s infant simply from making use of a routine ultrasound photo.

We consider how it operates, just exactly what it really is centered on and whether there is any technology to back it up – or if perhaps it really is just a classic spouses’ story.

But before all that, there are three things that are key’ll require so that you can take to the skull theory out on your own.

  • your child’s first scan photo ie your 12-week scan photo
  • A cup that is magnifying
  • knowledge regarding the distinction between a http://www.brightbrides.net/ male and female skull ( more about this under!)

Now continue reading to learn what the heck it is all about .

What is the skull concept?

If you are hopeless to find the sex out of the infant, formally you cannot find out until your 20-week anomaly scan.

But, some mums swear by something called the skull concept.

The skull theory means you should be able to work out if it’s a boy or a girl just by looking at the shape and size of its skull by looking at your baby’s first scan picture.

This will be supposedly because you can find clues into the shape and size of an infant’s skull that reveal whether or not it’s a kid or a woman.

Skull theory: it is a kid!

Here is what the skull-theory believers say will be the clues to find that may expose you are having a child (the letters A–J relate to your image below from the LEFT-HAND SIDE, to help you see where each component is from the skull):

  • The male cranial mass (A) is much more blocky and big set alongside the feminine’s, that will be rounder and tapers towards the top.
  • The r > that is temporal

Skull theory: it is a lady!

This is what the skull theory believers say would be the clues to find that may expose you are having a woman (the letters A–J relate to the image above in the RIGHT-HAND SIDE in order to see where each right component is in the skull):